Application Period

June 1st 2021 ~ July 27th 2021

Eligibility Criteria

Freelance video journalists or video journalists with affiliation to foreign or domestic media.
* When applying as a team,the number of team members is limited to three.
Only the team leader should provide their details in the application,unless otherwise stated.

Video for Submission

Video, including News, Features etc., about democratization and protection of
Human Rights


*Only videos broadcast on TV for the first time or premiering online between, and including January 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021 can be submitted.’
*For Non-Competition category, there is no restriction on when it was released or broadcast.

Submission Category
&Award Type

Competitive Category
*The World at a Crossroads Award: The best entry from the combined pool of submissions in the News and Features category will receive this award.
Award for News : News footage of impact - under 5 minutes.
Award for Features : Investigative news, press documentary footage - 5 minutes or longer.

Non-competitive Category
May Gwangju Award: One entry (news,documentary etc.) from current/former video journalist who made contributions to democracy, human rights and peace
(It is possible for the applicantto submit the applicant by themselves or to have a recommender submit the application on the behalf of the applicant.)


10,000 USD will be awarded to the winner of each category

Important Note

*The award will be canceled if the following is confirmed regarding the entry.*
- When submission does not belong to the applicant
- When archival footage is used in the submission without clarification in the entry Form.
- When the entry turns out to be a fabricated video
- When a video that was already submitted to one category is submitted to another category after it is re-edited
- When one video is submitted to multiple categories

Consent for Video Usage

Only those who agree to the Video Usage Agreement Form can apply for the Hinzpeter Awards.
*Video Usage Agreement Form can be downloaded from the 'Submission Material’ page

Submission Material

Submit all the material stated below via Application Page
*If you are a freelancer without affiliation, write ‘freelancer’ instead of ‘affiliation’ in each file name. **When applying as a team, choose only the team leader’s full name to include in each file name. *** There are uploading errors through some users. If you have a problem with submitting documents and videos, please gather all materials and send an e-mail to Korea Video Journalist Association (

1.Original broadcast video file + Original broadcast video file with English subtitles
* Please submit both video files.
* Original Video Submission: If the published video is censored by blurring, submit the file after adding a clean version of the censored section to the end of the original video.
* If protection of reporters is inevitable, the clean version should not be submitted, but the reason should be filled out in the Entry form.
- Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080) or higher
- Format: High definition file such as h.264 (.mp4)/(.mxf)/(.mov)
In case of file upload problems, errors, Submit your documents and files to /
The capacity of the upload file is limited to 2GB or less.
- File Name : 1. Original Video -> ʻOriginal_Country of Origin_ Affiliation_Full Name’
                      2. Video with English Subtitles -> ʻEnglish_ Country of Origin_Affiliation_Full Name’
                      *Example: Original_USAWalstreetjournal_JacksonHwang

2. English Subtitles File
- Subtitles must be in sequence and timestamps are mandatory
- File format : Text file (.txt)
- File Name : ʻSubtitles_Country of Origin_Affiliation_Full Name’

3. Identification Photo File
- Size: 3.5cm X 4.5cm
- Format : (.jpg) / (.jpeg)
- File Name : ʻPhoto_Country of Origin_Affiliation_Full Name’
* When applying as a team, submit photograph of the team leader only.

4 ~ 6 Material: Fill out the form in English and submit it as a PDF file.

4. Resume
- File Name : ʻResume_Country of Origin_Affiliation_Full Name’
* When applying as a team, submit your entire team’s resume in one PDF file

5. Entry From
- File Name : ʻEntryform_Country of Origin_Affiliation_Full Name’

6. Recommendation
- Journalist with affiliation : On letter of recommendation from the CEO and and one from the Head of Department (When submitting, submit both letters together in one PDF file)
- Journalist (Freelancer) : A letter of recommendation from the head of the association or a prominent person in society
- File Name : ʻRecommendation_Country of Origin_Affiliation_Full Name’
* When applying as a team, include names of all members in the recommendation.

7. Video Usage Agreement
- Print the form, sign it, scan it and submit it as a PDF file
- File Name : ʻVideoUsageAgreement_Country of Origin_Affiliation_Full Name’
* When applying as a team, only the team leader needs to sign the form

* Inquiries Regarding Submission :